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Crib Retaining Walls

Crib Retaining Walls Pty Ltd is a family based business established in 1963, specialising in the construction of all types of retaining walls.

With a large variety of machinery and skilled personnel they are able to offer a variety of solutions to even the most demanding requirements. Leading our industry for nearly 40 years, we focus on the individual needs of our customers, no matter how big or small the project is.

Contact Details
Contact: Andrea May
Location: 3 Tania Place
Ringwood North Victoria 3134
Telephone: (03) 9876 5322
Fax: (03) 9876 5321
Products and Services

Crib Retaining Walls offers the following 3 types of products.

Each type of product can be utilised depending on the specific job requirements as described below;


The Crib Block Retaining Wall System:-

Can be utilised in both domestic and commercial situations. With varying block dimensions, Crib Block Retaining Walls can be built to heights of up to 15 metres, whilst catering for loads of highest magnitude.

An added advantage of this system is the option of planting greenery throughout the face of the wall to enhance its appearance.


Sleepercrete Retaining Wall System:-

the perfect life long alternative to the tradition red gum / pine sleeper retaining walls.

With the durability and lasting qualities of concrete and aesthetic values of timber, this system has been a popular choice in both residential and commercial applications.


Masonry Block Retaining Wall Systems:-

Has increased in popularity dramatically over the past decade.

There are a wide variety of colours and styles available for both residential and commercial applications.

Other Services

Engineering: Crib Retaining Walls now has a significant number of design and construction projects in its portfolio.

With design capabilities ranging from the smallest of domestic jobs to the largest of commercial projects.


Civil Construction: With an ever increasing fleet of earth moving and construction equipment, Crib Retaining Walls is constantly expanding it's areas of expertise into related civil constructions fields.

Areas included in completed projects include:- Tilt panel erection- Foundation & underpinning works- Earthmoving (bulk & detail) - Embankment stabilisation-environmental rehabilitation

Consultation: Crib Retaining Walls can provide clients with products and advice for "do-it-yourself" projects.
Crib Retaining Walls carry out both Domestic and Commercial works. From a small retaining wall in your landscaping or driveway excavation to large civil bridge works, Crib Retaining walls can satisfy your requirements.
Experience & Qualifications
With 40 years of retaining wall experience, Crib Retaining Walls are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the area of retaining walls. Crib Retaining Walls are registered builders and all works undertaken use certified Engineers designs.
Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8.00am to 4.00pm
Accepted Methods of Payment
Cash and cheque
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